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For additional information for Easy Updates Supervisor take a look at our site at "Easy Updates Manager" is open source software. The following people have added to this plugin. Contributors FIX: Deadly mistake in a design template file TWEAK: Some small code improvements based upon PHPCS analysis TWEAK: Upgraded seasonal notices TWEAK: Add WP 5.5 assistance.

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Therefore the only method they can work together is if EUM changes those additions with links back to the EUM controls. FUNCTION: Enable "every 3 hours" and "every 6 hours" choices for the upgrade frequency checks TWEAK: Update class Updraftplus_Notices TWEAK: Update WP-Optimize notices TWEAK: Updater will now make examine schedule without requiring login TWEAK: Minimum supported WP variation is now 5.1.

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The resources utilized for supporting older versions are better deployed in other places the aim of EUM is to assist you keep current! REPAIR: Auto-backup (Premium) feature disabled whilst an issue that might trigger it to constantly duplicate is examined REPAIR: (Premium function) UpdraftPlus will just take one backup throughout the auto-update process.

FEATURE: Admin interface has actually been tidied up, supplying more uncomplicated choices. my wordpress. FEATURE: (Premium) Check for unmaintained plugins. TWEAK: Constants can now be utilized to disable the out-of-date internet browser warning (EUM_ENABLE_BROWSER_NAG), the WordPress variation in the footer (EUM_ENABLE_WORDPRESS_FOOTER_VERSION), and the scores prompt on the General screen (EUM_ENABLE_RATINGS_NAG). FIX: Prevent Force Updates from shutting down plugins.

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FUNCTION: (Premium) Safe mode now examines themes for compatibility. FEATURE: (Premium) Variation controlled properties now show in the EUM plugins and styles tabs. REPAIR: Delayed updates were delaying automatic updates to WordPress core when no delay was requested TWEAK: Divi theme can now be auto-upgraded. TWEAK: Bump required WP variation from 4.6 to 4. workpress.7.

FIX: Repaired uninstall script mistake when erasing the plugin. FEATURE: Notes area included to log to show why an automatic update stopped working. FEATURE: (Premium) Including variation control security so that version regulated plugins or styles will not be upgraded. FIX: Fixed conserving error when toggling auto-update on individual themes FIX: Don't clean settings when getting rid of the free version, if premium is set up.

REPAIR: Enabling/disabling admin bar was resetting General choices. REPAIR: Disabling Core updates will no longer obstruct other automated updates. REPAIR: Translation updates are followed automatic updates have actually completed. FIX: Translation updates now reveal the appropriate label. FIX: (Premium) Slack logging now shows the website name from where the event originated from.

TWEAK: Prevent unneeded PHP notification when managing by means of UpdraftCentral TWEAK: Database logging is now always switched on, to assist troubleshooting. (The storage overhead is small, since updates are infrequent events compared with other things going on in a WP database) - free drag and drop wordpress theme. TWEAK: Update updater class to latest series (1.8) TWEAK: Automatic update emails are just sent when every twenty four hours.

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The effect of this is that a logged-in user with access to the WP dashboard was able to alter some (however not all, as some were protected by additional checks) choices (e.g. disable ignored theme updates). TWEAK: Add website URL in slack message TWEAK: Preview the premium functions in the advanced tab TWEAK: Extend the dismiss time on the "Thank you for setting up" notice TWEAK: Change filter concerns to reduce the opportunity that something else over-rides EUM's settings when WP inquires about running an auto-update REPAIR: Avoid a dispute between EUM Premium and UpdraftPlus Premium when supporting WordPress core TWEAK: No longer use WP_DEBUG constant to suggest rapid refresh of updates when in admin area; rather, utilize EASY_UPDATES_MANAGER_DEBUG TWEAK: Added seasonal notifications FUNCTION: Logs are on by default FEATURE: Logs are now displayed by default in UpdraftCentral FUNCTION: (Premium) White label settings can now be exported and imported FUNCTION: Can disable the admin bar in Advanced settings REPAIR: Resolving i18n concerns FIX: Unidentified command mistake periodically reveals up when clicking on a General alternative FIX: Plugins in rollback functionality showing re-activated when they are not REPAIR: Reset alternatives would stop working because of missing out on $wpdb variable TWEAK: Removing error logs for developers with debug on TWEAK: General alternatives are grayed out if you disable updates TWEAK: Updating screenshots FEATURE: Shows active versions if a plugin or theme is active FUNCTION: (Multisite) Checks to see if any sites in the network have a plugin or theme set up FUNCTION: Plugin can now be totally managed by UpdraftCentral plugin FUNCTION: (Premium) Set up log clearance FEATURE: (Premium) Automatic backup before auto upgrade FEATURE: (Premium) Automatic update scheduling FUNCTION: (Premium) Send Anonymous upgrade demand or request with random data to secure personal privacy FEATURE: (Premium) Import and Export settings FEATURE: (Premium) Introduce Safe Mode for PHP compatibility checks and WordPress version checks FEATURE: (Premium) Logs of automatic update events can be send to external channels such as slack, email, php mistake log and syslog FEATURE: (Premium) Send out weekly or month-to-month e-mails of update alerts FUNCTION: (Premium) Webhook to integrate with third-party services FUNCTION: (Premium) Show plugins that have been removed from the WordPress Plugin Directory FUNCTION: (Premium) Capability to whitelist the plugin FUNCTION: (Premium) Capability to search the logs by user or possession name FEATURE: (Premium) Capability to export logs for a date variety and print them, download a CSV, or download a JSON format FEATURE: (Premium) Look for PHP parse mistakes during automated updates and de-activate issue issues automatically FUNCTION: (Premium) Look for plugins de-activated throughout auto-update and attempt to re-activate them immediately REPAIR: Clicking more details on plugins tab correctly shows a modal REPAIR: Force Updates gets rid of an area in the updates panel if there are still updates after it runs FIX: Clicking any kind of filter in logs shows a mistake message FIX: Add a JS polyfill to provide support for IE11 REPAIR: Admin notifications show up two times in the choices page REPAIR: Plugin/Themes/Log tab were triggering an undefined hook suffix mistake upon save REPAIR: Removing filters in 7. wordpress example sites.0.3 allowed updates for plugins and styles to be shown REFACTOR: Advanced tab settings page refactoring TWEAK: Clean UI TWEAK: Changes in user ability checks TWEAK: Mark as supporting WordPress 5.0 TWEAK: Option to take backup prior to force updates TWEAK: Dashboard notification.

TWEAK: Control panel notices about other plugins of potential interest now only reveal on the Easy Updates Manager pages REPAIR: Gotten rid of multiple log entries and version numbers caching problem REPAIR: Fix for headers already sent warning TWEAK: Make all settings tabs work through ajax calls TWEAK: Show and conceal logs tab upon enable and disable TWEAK: Add admin notifications for insufficient php and wp versions TWEAK: Get rid of flexbox mixin TWEAK: Including survey notice TWEAK: Vehicle refresh page after force updates TWEAK: Prevent users from excluding themselves REPAIR: Enabling Log from Advanced tab does not use default alternatives FIX: Plugin settings page is not accessible for left out users TWEAK: Altered settings page to use admin-ajax. php instead of REST API TWEAK: Decreased database inquiries for saving settings choices TWEAK: Eliminated the use tracking code (which was constantly specific opt-in) TWEAK: Add Welcome dashboard and notifications Admin UI overhaul based on previous information (what wp theme).

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